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The next time you go to get a gift for a grandchild, consider this: a new study has revealed that a majority of baby products contain flame retardant chemicals, some of which have been linked to serious health effects in people. The products tested in this study include strollers, car seats, infant changing pads and many other types of products, some of which contained more than one type of flame retardant chemical.

Fortunately, some producers are becoming sensitive to the fact that parents and grandparents are increasingly concerned about what babies are exposed to, and are constantly releasing new and potentially safer products. Infant clothing, mattresses, stuffed animals, and even diapers that are made with organic cotton are now available. Also, there are a few simple steps to take that can help reduce toxic exposure: such as, consider buying products that contain polyester, down, wool, or cotton, which are less likely to contain flame retardant chemicals, and avoid products with the TB117 label.

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