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James B. shared this image:

On Labor Day weekend (2001) in Colorado, my daughter and I drove up to the summit of Mt. Evans. At over 14,000 feet the summit is well above the tree line so there are only low growth plants covering the mountainside.  Our timing was perfect as the plants were turning their fall colors. On this sunny day we were treated to the sight of vast mountainsides turning shades of gold, red, yellow, purple & pale olive green with changing hues depending on the angle of the sun.

It was like a Monet painting: colors without edges like splashes of paint among the buff colored rocks made more beautiful for being so fragile.

In the harsh climate the colors would only last a few days. I still think of that drive and how fortunate I was to see and appreciate the fragile beauty of fall on the slopes of Mt. Evans and share this with my child.  The images will never leave my mind.