Healthy Aging

13 Jul 2011

Beat this heat wave… and the next

How are you holding up in this heat? Have you checked on your neighbors?  Heat is a serious risk for older adults, made worse because it can be so difficult to escape. As our climate changes more and more, we...

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29 Jun 2011

Is it Safe at the Sound?

Planning a trip to the beach this summer?  Make sure you pick a safe one. Aren’t all beaches safe, you ask? Unfortunately no. In fact, there were 24,091 beach closings andadvisories due to water quality issues in the U.S. in 2010. Various...

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21 Jun 2011

Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

Summer is here and we’re all probably eager to get out into the garden or just onto the porch with a cool drink. Those of you who seem to be natural mosquito magnets like me are probably also thinking about...

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