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18 Mar 2014

Shelter and Sociability

As spring arrives with social events in the community and the call of the gardens at home, I find myself reflecting on the dance of shelter and sociability. Vital relationships in the wide community of life include family, friends and...

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21 Jun 2013

Early Summer Buzz

Early summer is prime time in the journey to the ground at our feet with warming days to stir both soil and soul. With summer solstice upon us, the dirt–under my fingernails, on my fresh produce–is as common as longer...

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15 Dec 2011

In Praise of Darkness

photo credit: Luis Argerich/Flickr 1/23/12 UPDATE: Now a new documentary, The City Dark, looks into the science on environmental and health effects associated with lighting up our cities and suburbs. With a rack of awards already received, The City Dark...

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12 Dec 2011

Radiant Gifts

Thanks to President George W. Bush and his positively brilliant idea to sign into law in 2007 a federal energy bill establishing energy-efficiency standards for light bulbs, inventiveness in the lighting sector has been unleashed, and manufacturers are on fire...

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