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21 Aug 2014

Cultivating Eco-Mind

A few hundred years ago, the world was flat  to some of our ancestors. Now, the world is a globe—and it makes a difference!  Shared ideas about truth and reality create our common sense of the world, our sense of...

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25 Sep 2013

Aging and Environmental Stewardship

The Shadow of an Older Tree: Aging and Environmental Stewardship    By Gill Joseph, Social Gerontologist and Owner/Director, Clear Pane Research Services, Ontario Canada, on twitter @Clearpane. Re-posted from June 26, 2013, EARTH NINJA    In 2003 France experienced the hottest summer...

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24 Sep 2013

Elder Activism

Bringing Young and Old to the Climate Fight By Bill McKibben, Founder of 350.org It always seems to me that different groups can bring different things to the climate fight — not completely different, but subtly so, in ways that reflect...

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21 Jun 2013

Early Summer Buzz

Early summer is prime time in the journey to the ground at our feet with warming days to stir both soil and soul. With summer solstice upon us, the dirt–under my fingernails, on my fresh produce–is as common as longer...

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31 Jan 2013

The Flood Next Time

The impact of Hurricane Sandy on New York and New Jersey in 2012 was an example of what educators call a “teachable moment.”  The storm got our attention. For some, it helped to connect the dots by showing how hurricane...

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