Taking Action

27 Jul 2011

Birds and Tar Sands Oil Don’t Mix

“I never for a day gave up listening to the songs of our birds, or watching their peculiar habits…” wrote John James Audubon. Are you a bird watcher? You’re not alone. It’s the number one hobby in America. And when...

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27 Jun 2011

America’s 60+ers Go For 60+ MPG

Support the Go60mpg movement! Improved mileage standards. Find out how… Friends and members of Gray Is Green, President Obama and the federal government are in the process of making a crucial decision at the moment – one that could play a...

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14 Jun 2011

The Green Thing

If I keep my old clothes long enough, they’re back in style! – Jim Knowles The above quote comes from the father of Jim Knowles, editor of the San Leandro Times, who has also graciously allowed me to reprint his...

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