Our Story

Who We Are

Gray Is Green is an online gathering of older adult Americans aspiring to create a green legacy for the future. As environmentally conscious elders, we respond to a generational call: to co-create a future of economic justice, ecological sustainability and social justice.

We hold next generations of humans in mind and consider the future of ecosystems and other species. We are alert to the historic challenges facing our planet. And we are aware of the question arising from descendants generations hence:

What did you do, when you knew?

What We Do

We embrace our eldership, living beyond consumerism and ageism. Our Curriculum for Gray-Green Living offers a variety of ways to join—and re-engage with—this elder movement.

We offer a periodic newsletter, a speaker’s bureau, online resources, a Facebook page for relevant updates.

In partnership with congenial organizations, we serve as a central clearinghouse of ideas and communications for older adults interested in greening their lives, learning about sustainability, advocating for sound public policy, being creative stewards or grandparents, emerging as elders, and mentoring young people.

We invite you to get involved!