Pathways To Gratitude

As conscious elders, we take up the practice of gratitude in a manner that takes us well beyond ourselves. We have scraped through personal, social, economic and ecological struggles to arrive at this stage in our lives. Grateful for decades of living, we understand that we survive and thrive within a web of relationships, that we received much from our parents and our ancestors, that we are now privileged to be ancestors to the children and grandchildren generations from now who call to us from that future time in which we will be gone and they will be the stewards.

Our gratitude may be grounded in a lifelong religious faith, turning attention to the sacredness embodied in the community of all life on Earth, reflecting our impulse to worship the Creative Source that goes by many names.

Gratitude may arise from an enduring interest in human systems of economics and governance in which moral impulses meet human practice: compassionate observation and courageous decisions give rise to quests for justice and equity.

Or we may be grounded in creative expression: science and philosophy, visual arts and mythology, dance and music, drama and story-telling—all creative human impulses that express joy and insight as part of religion or outside of it, as supported by political economy and sometimes critical of it.

Gray Is Green is pleased to partner with Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) for excellent printed Discussion Courses. We recommend two courses related to Pathways to Gratitude:

Reconnecting with Earth
Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice & Sustainability

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Abrahamic Religions
Roman Catholicism and Laudato Si

Eastern Religions

Religious Reverence for Earth Elements 

Indigenous Traditions

Vital Creativity
Archetypes and Nature Environment (Coming Soon)
Journey of the Universe Story (Coming Soon)
Massive Change Design (Coming Soon)

Consumer Economy
Local Economy

Science and Philosophy
Scientific Uncertainty
Science “Denialism” (Coming Soon)