Published Works

Aging, Climate Change and Legacy Thinking

By Howard Frumkin, MD, PhD, Linda Fried, MD, MPH, and Rick Moody, PhD

CLIMATE CHANGE IS A “SUPER wicked problem.” 1,2 This is true not only because of highly complex interdependencies, uncertainties, and conflicting stakeholder interests, but also because the problems, solutions, costs, and benefits extend over a long time frame—well beyond…

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Eco Elders

by H.R. Moody, PhD

I once was sitting in a restaurant with Rabbi Zalman Schachter talking about the search for meaning in old age. Suddenly Reb Zalman turned to me and said, “You know, this search for meaning comes down to a simple question: Are you saved?” Hearing this, I was puzzled, and…

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Gray, Green and Active: Environmental Volunteerism Benefits Older Adults and Society

By Karl Pillemer

Martin Phillips volunteers many hours each month in local environmental organizations, helping to organize trail clean-ups and testing water quality in streams. His goal is to help preserve the earth for future generations, even though he will not personally see the benefits.

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Gray and Green Revisited: A Multidisciplinary Perspective of Gardens, Gardening, and the Aging Process

by Scott D. Wright and Amy Maida Wadsworth

Over fourteen years ago, the concept of “gray and green” was first introduced by Wright and Lund (2000) to represent a new awareness and a call for increased scholarship at the intersection of environmental issues and the aging process. This review paper revisits that concept with…

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Environmentalism as an Aging Issue

by Rick Moody, PhD

Why is the environment an aging issue? In brief, because today’s elders must come to feel and acknowledge an obligation to future generations. Those who are old have enjoyed the benefits of a flourishing economy based on fossil fuels; we are now called to join with…

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