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16 Oct 2011

Congress Attacks Breath-Taking

photo credit: Allie Caulfield “The people I meet just don’t get it,” Gray is Green’s Kath Schomaker says of her conversations at faith communities and senior centers about the attacks on environmental safeguards. “‘Why would anyone be against clean air?’...

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27 Jun 2011

America’s 60+ers Go For 60+ MPG

Support the Go60mpg movement! Improved mileage standards. Find out how… Friends and members of Gray Is Green, President Obama and the federal government are in the process of making a crucial decision at the moment – one that could play a...

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14 Jun 2011

American Lung Association defends Clean Air Act

It is important to remember that a healthy environment directly benefits the health of the human population. As such, organizations devoted to human health, such as the American Lung Association, are weighing in on national environmental policy. They recognize that...

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