Household Sustainability

Stay tuned for the launch of this curriculum unit – here’s a preview:

As we elders embrace practices at home in our daily rounds to honor our deepest intentions for the future, we arise in gratitude for our decades of living, we express generosity toward the world of our children and grandchildren…we embrace humility at all we have witnessed, at all we have done—and left undone—over the decades.

In this focus on our homes and daily routines, we explore our practices related to eating, sheltering, using water, consuming energy, and acquiring and releasing the “stuff” of life. In taking up practices on behalf of the future, we join the movement to walk more gently on Earth, while supporting that gentle walking as the new normal for households and communities across our land.

These are important “holding actions” as described by Joanna Macy:

Holding Actions aim to hold back and slow down the damage being caused by the political economy of Business as Usual. The goal is to protect what is left of our natural life-support systems, rescuing what we can of our biodiversity, clean air and water, forests, and topsoil. Holding actions also counter the unraveling of our social fabric…

There are many ways we can act. We can choose to remove our support for behaviors and products we know to be part of the problem. (Active Hope, 2012: 28-29)

Joanna Macy -