Do you know how to take environmental action? Changes at all levels—individual, community, regional, and national—and in all sectors, including business and financial, are needed to address the global climate crisis. These environmental education units explain what sustainability is and how to build community resilience. Develop your understanding of conservation practices at home and how community infrastructure can either increase or decrease the harmful effects of climate change.

Household sustainability

Individual climate action on a mass scale sends a powerful message to those who make decisions about environmental policy and corporate climate responsibility. Here are ways to express your environmental commitment at home.

generative advocacy hero

Generative advocacy

Now is the time to make your voice heard in community forums as well as with representatives and in public spaces. Learn how to be an effective advocate for the environment and amplify your opinions.

Climate action groups to support

There are many environmental organizations working to address the causes and effects of climate change on local, regional, national, and international levels. We recommend getting involved with one or a few of these groups to take part.