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Welcome to
Gray Is Green 

Gray Is Green is an online gathering of older adult Americans aspiring to create a green legacy for the future. We are alert to the challenges facing our planet and we want to do what we can with the time we have left. Here you will find information, opportunities for action, and reflection.

In honor of Earth Month, we’re excited to offer you our new ebook, A Practical Guide for Environmental Eldership.

In our role as elders, we can set examples for our friends, families, and future generations by changing our relationship to the consumption of food, water, and energy; building sustainable households and communities; and honoring the interconnectedness of humans, other species, and the Earth that sustains us.

This ebook provides a map.


    • Household Sustainability
    • Community Resilience
    • Generative Advocacy
    • Deep Gratitude for Nature

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Are you doing everything you can for sustainability? Do you know what factors are most important in climate change today? Are you engaged with your community to build resilience? Explore these pages to find out more about sustainability, advocacy, and resilience.


The time for climate action is now. Are you ready, curious, and eager to do more at home and in your community? In these pages, you will find ideas for implementing sustainability at home, building more resilient communities, and advocating for change on a larger scale.


 Human communities and the natural environment are interdependent. We believe it is important to reflect on writing shared by elders, as well as spiritual frameworks that provide guidance on environmentalism, as we engage our communities in this great challenge.